Bows & Veils Wedding Videography was established by two lifelong friends whose greatest passion became their ultimate vocation; that is the world of Film Making. As kids, we ran around the backyard making short little movies, and we never saw any reason to stop. For us, there was never an option to grow out of film making. Instead we expanded our knowledge, improved our technique, and now make a living doing what we love most. In that time, we've created over 100 short films, worked on professional sets, and collaborated with several big name individuals and entities. We see weddings as real life movies unfolding in front of our eyes, and thus we're excited to capture yours! Our videos are crisp, cinematic, and emotionally engaging. When you see our results, you will not simply be watching events unfold on the sidelines, rather you'll be immersed back into your special day in a whole new way that you will treasure forevermore.


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